Flexibility for the Future

Whenever space is considered valuable – Storagewall makes economic and practical sense. Not only this, but the aesthetics are compelling, since Storagewall can house all your requirements from archives, coffee points and touchdown points to fire hose reels and service risers.

Storagewall removes the limitations, frees up the space and provides an efficient working solution to the varied demands of today’s workplace.

Inner Space

Liberates space and reduces storage costs. A high-density storage system designed specifically for the front office. Maximum storage capacity in the minimum floor space.

Fully Interactive Systems

Built into the Storagewall and linked to your network, are available as part of the working boardroom. Interactive white boards linked to ceiling mounted projectors and audio give the professional touch to your presentations.


A well-designed, versatile high density storage system offering several closure systems including drawers, doors, flippers and tambours preconfigured to meet your needs.


  • Uses the available space
  • Creates more storage in less floorspace
  • More cost-effective than standard storage combined with partitions
  • Functional, efficient and adaptable
  • Provides practical working solutions